Will “Installment Loans” Be the New Payday Loans?

You have to take into account the situation before deciding which type of loan is better. Both payday loans and installment payments for bad credit can be helpful in various ways, in spite of recent criticism from consumer advocates. There are those that are useful and legitimate, and others that have the effect of dragging consumers into a debt cycle owed.

Payday loans and installment loans are usually called small cost and high-cost loans. This is because they generally carry high interest. This is because borrowers are often low-income or lack credit with no credit. Therefore, they are considered high-risk borrowers and, in general, do not have access to cheaper credit options such as credit cards or lines of credit with mortgage guarantee through institutions such as credit unions and banks.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are those that can range between one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. They are meant to be short term and paid in 30 days or even less. Normally, the refund is due on the next payday. This is where things get difficult for the consumer, as they fall short on the next payday and then on the next. It is best to use only this type of loan if additional funds are received.

Typically, the loan is set up by post-dating date a check or by automatic withdrawal after the borrower’s paycheck has been deposited into the account used to secure the loan. A fee is charged, and it is generally a very high percentage, so it is better to be ready. In addition, the loan is not guaranteed and the lender will consider the ability of the borrower to pay before approving.

Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Installment loans for bad credit from $ 150 to thousands of dollars. They carry capital, interest and finance charges to include insurance as well as fees. Everything is reimbursed in monthly installments that are fixed and set in a fixed amount of months. The APR is higher than the one that appears in the contract, generally due to the different types of credit insurance, so it is something to pay attention to.

Another vital note about installment loans for bad credit is that they can be renewed in as little time as every few months with new interest charges, credit insurance as well as fees. Generally, the loan amount will be restored to the first loan amount and, sometimes, it will increase. To secure the loan, you will need to use a property such as a car, an electronic device, a firearm, jewelry or other higher priced items. Real estate cannot be used as collateral in installment loans for bad credit.


With this information, anybody looking to decide between a payday loan or an installment loan for bad credit can make a better decision based on what they need and what they can work with. Both options can work when one is strict with the payment and keeps abreast of the terms. A lot of discipline is required, particularly with a payday loan or one can find themselves in that endless cycle of loans and repayments.
see more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Installment_loan

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